Poetry Friday – ima ai ni yukimasu

September 11, 2009

I watched “Ima ai ni yukimasu” last week and it was the saddest movie ever! I couldn’t remember the last time I watched a movie that sad, but it was sad in a beautiful kind of way. It is a story about a family who loses their mother to sickness, but miraculously they find someone who looks exactly like her in the middle of a forest. The story goes to show what happens in the 6 weeks they were together. This is where my inspiration for this week’s poem came from if you haven’t guessed already.

My CDs from yesasia have finally been shipped today, so I should be expecting them in a week or two! Amazing stuff I say, since it too thinkgeek 3 days to ship things from date of purchase and it takes yesasia an eternity for 3 CDs. Holding off on the sound system at the moment since I may be moving the entertainment unit from the lounge into my room, so I shall wait until then.

i will meet you there

i will go on ahead of you
to see the future in your place;
but theres no doubt
that it would be a glorious one.

the future was full of your influence;
like a flower field in full bloom,
it was our happiness which blossomed-
from the depths of my heart
i am grateful to you.

i swear i saw you there with me
inbetween the petals;
you moved like a mystic dancer,
vanishing between blinks;
ever so illusory.

as much as i’d like to believe
in the impossible,
this future cannot house the you
from my past.

we planted seeds once,
my look how they have grown now-
they grew from our love
and will grow brighter still,
colouring the world with
your pastel love.

i remember i said
“i will meet you there”
on the day you left me.
with that memory
i realize that i was watching the past,
and that you were the one
waiting for me in the future.


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