Dry season for gaming

September 9, 2009

Since Fallout 3 there has not been any games worth playing on the PC. There has been a great many announcements from the likes of Blizzard and Square-Enix but nothing good has been released since about January. The last game I remember playing on PC was the sims 3 purely because there was nothing else I could get my hands on!

I have held onto COD5 for a while now but have not had the chance to play it since I am not really interested in that anymore to be honest. When franchises make 5 games with the same name I get very skeptical and tend to get turned off. Also I get frustrated with some games and the amount of backtracking I need to do just to proceed with the story, ie Prince of Persia. PoP has so much backtracking since it is based on a hub world and I really am not a fan or revisiting old places that I have already completed especially if its just passing through.

It seems that PC gaming has died for the year of 2009, with the only interesting news regarding 2010 releases which is a bit disappointing. I am looking forward to Christmas season when all the big games come out like Dragon age and Borderlands.

I haven’t finished any PC games for a while either, since none of them were really worth going through the story all the way. I guess its console gaming for me until there are worthwhile releases for the PC.


One Response to “Dry season for gaming”

  1. Have you tried a game called Braid? I’ve heard that’s rather good, though I haven’t played it myself (but I’ve seen it played).

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