Poetry Friday: it’s the weekend!

September 4, 2009

Finally it is time for the wonderful weekend! This week has been fairly light on work until today, which really makes it so much sweeter when I knock off work. My home network has also died somewhat so I will need to find myself a cheap switch to use in the place of an old modem that I am using as a hub. I might spend Saturday going shopping (for sound equipment) but I will see about it tomorrow. Digging up more old gold for Poetry Friday, so enjoy!


watching the sunset
never felt like dreams before;
it always gleamed like the lifetimes
we spent together.

trials and tribulations
have flown past the brevity of our lives;
the clock has ticked its last second,
resounding its silent finality
in the fullness of our existence-

but there is nothing in the world
that matches the shine in your eyes
with the glint from my smile,
forever embedded in the reminiscent memories
of summer times and veranda chairs.

we reach our arms entwined
and stretch to catch the leaves
falling within our unfocused grasp;
they were never out of reach,
just out of sight.

the flowers i bought for you yesterday
will last until tomorrow.
but who will change the water
when we are gone?

we have known enough
to love each other into eternity;
the zenith of our affection is full
from the nadir of our hearts,
resonating with the complete devotion
we promised each other.

there is no leaving alone,
we have seen through life
with one heart and soul,
merged to concrete our dreams
and seal our intimacy
on the patio of our life.

yet the shadows grow longer
while the sun sinks lower
into the final hour;
“if only we lived more”


One Response to “Poetry Friday: it’s the weekend!”

  1. Ananji Hum said

    What a beautiful tribute to a fitted love. It reminds me of a blurb in Corelli’s Mandolin when the father speaks of love: (I think it’s a somewhat notable quote from the movie. Can’t remember if it was in the book.)

    “Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two.”

    Blessed are those who find that kind of love (and keep it).


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