Bakemonogatari short review – Suruga monkey

August 31, 2009

All I can say is wow, what a finale. They really built it up this time and I think that the pacing was awesome to split it into 3 episodes. I reckon the animation quality has gone down though, with the characters looking rather bland and undetailed in some of the screens. Though later in the episode 8 they went with a very sombre palette which worked to highlight the mood. The final episode of this arc was a lot darker than the previous ones, when Kanbaru’s inner desires were revealed to Araragi by Oshino. The rainy devil grants 3 wishes, but there were no further conditions besides taking her soul; what Kanbaru said about it granting wishes in ways that were contrary to the wielder’s morals was nothing but self gratification. The rainy devil gave her an excuse to hurt people that she hated, and that was enough for her to give herself to its power.

I really liked this arc because it showed parts of Kanbaru, Araragi and Senjougahara that we have either not yet seen or have seen very little of. Kanbaru clearly hid more than she let on in the last episode and it wasn’t until Oshino put her under the spotlight that Araragi found out that she actually did want to kill him. Why Araragi wanted to save someone who was going to kill him is somewhat a mystery but it was a part of him that Senjougahara is so drawn to. Araragi put it pretty clearly himself before he committed to trying to save Kanbaru when he says “Hating people is a part of life”, he understands Kanbaru’s emotions and forgives her hatred. The main surprise is that Senjougahara turns up and shows that she has borrowed a little of Araragi’s attitude to help Kanbaru out.

I love how the characters in this series all have such human characteristics despite their superhuman circumstances, it really pulls at the right strings to get you involved. Hopefully the next arc will have more on my favourite tsundere-chan… in the meantime, here are some pics from the official site!

PS. did anyone else think the Shinobu scene was really cute?


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