Tireness makes you forgetful

August 28, 2009

I had all these grand relaxing plans for the weekend and then I realized I need to fulfill some social commitments before I become a hermit. I was just so glad the week is over that I had forgotten all the things I needed to do this weekend, when I feel like this I guess I just become selfish and do what I want as opposed to do what I am supposed to do. Not to say that social outings are bad of course, but they tend to wear me out as opposed to relax me in some cases. I will probably have to cram in the things I want to do in the morning because I will not have time in the afternoon or at night to do them. But then that defeats the purpose of relaxing because there will be a time constraint on what I wanted to do.

Oh the dilemma.

Time is one thing they don’t make any more or any less of, which is a bit sad especially since I had so much spare time today at work but so little time during the weekend. I forgot what I was going to originally write about after this short rant but hey, I am going to finish some games.


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