Poetry Wednesday?

August 26, 2009

I got inspired and I missed last week’s poem so here is an early present.

your poem

disaster looms behind darkened clouds
with people crying that
the sky will fall tonight.
last we spoke
i remember we ended on unfavourable terms,
but if the world should end
i at least wanted to see you off with a smile.

the world is on their feet,
trying to drown the catastrophe in their tears.
but even if the streets turn to rivers
i will swim against the current
to see your face again.

there are those who still cling to their pride
in this final hour,
they refuse to open up and continue
with their daily mundanity.
i would rather not pretend anymore-
why hold on to yesterday to throw away tomorrow?

as i near your door,
the pavement cracks and gravity grows stronger;
it was like God himself was against my goal.
but if i had to become a pagan
you would be my reason.

i am falling off the edge of the world
and even as i descend
i will call your name and ask for a second chance
in eternity.


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