Anime – now and next season

August 24, 2009

My new favourite anime Bakemonogatari aired its 7th episode on Friday and once again it has made my week in terms of anime viewing. Kanbaru and Araragi doesn’t have the same chemistry as the other girls from what I have seen. I am not sure if that is intentional due to their relationship (Kanbaru being jealous of Araragi over Senjougahara) or if the VAs are finding it hard to work with the script. I think it might be because they were trying to fit too much content into the episode and they couldn’t jam in the character building. The writers couldn’t fit the plot movement with individual character development as well as character relationships, that is how I felt after watching the episode. Not to say that it was a bad episode because it was still freaking awesome, just not as good as the last few eps; perfection is hard to follow up. Nothing beats the service Senjougahara gives Araragi in the first five minutes, it was sheer wtfness but so befitting of her!

FMA is coming along very nicely as well, plot developing at a very good pace, but what I have yet to see is how Ling Yao fits into the story, not much of him has been shown except as comic relief. The last episode was not quite as action focused as episode 19 where Roy absolutely kicked ass burning Lust to kingdom come, but showed Hoenheim for the first time which reveals a little bit about him whilst keeping him shrouded in mystery. Valkyria is not bad, it’s just very random and while the story is good the pacing is a bit sporadic. There aren’t many more episodes left so I will just see how it pans out. Bleach is crap filler arc and doesn’t make sense at the moment. Canaan is kinda crap too despite all the hype and the money dumped into production. All the main characters are really annoying except Alphard so it is really turning me off. Haruhi is Haruhi, I don’t know how to describe it really, more of the same stuff?

Next season is not really very epic, with Darker than black being amongst the exceptions. Last season we were left with Hei’s choice to be both human and a contractor, this season I think we will see the results of his choice especially after he destroyed the facility. Maybe I will also watch Nyan Koi which would be quite hilarious i believe. Fairy Tail will be THE anime to watch next season for sure, if anybody has read the manga then I reckon they will also agree. The only issue I can foresee is that they will run out of content since the manga doesn’t even have 150 chapters, so I think they will only cover the first arc. I also saw a pic of Kurenai OAV but have not heard news about it through my regular channels… That will be very interesting if it does eventuate since it seems to show a Murasaki in junior high.

Here is the list of fall anime I managed to google.


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