Writing from work

August 21, 2009

I am writing this post from work since my manager couldn’t find someone to do monitoring for the night shift. It is so different working in an empty office as compared to being on field or working during the day. The silence is a bit discerning, though I am kept company by the sound of computers whirring.

Today I managed to talk to my manager about getting a company phone which I can use for work, which would be pretty awesome really. The reason I brought it up was that my phone bill skyrocketed this month and I need to bring it back down to manageable levels. I was paying about 3 times more than what I would usually spend in a month so it was time to get that sorted ASAP.

Apparently the topic was brought up earlier before I started doing this technician business but somehow something didn’t go through and the idea was abandoned. Good thing I brought it up again!

No poem today because I am working a 14 hour day.


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