List of nigglies

August 19, 2009

Theres been a few things that has been bugging me lately, pretty much all of which revolve around my indecisiveness in spending money on stuff. Given my recent tax return I have been itching to buy a few things and get a few things done which will save me heartache and pain in the future. It’s pretty amazing what a little bit of extra cash can do really, I wouldn’t have given these things much thought when I was a poorer man but now I am debating whether or not to spend now or later.

Get various car things out of the way

  1. HIDs installed for around $200. My friend says he can cut me a deal and my headlights are so dim I can barely see at night, the only good thing about them right now is that they look pretty.
  2. Window tinting. Summer is in 3 months and I need some UV protection… and so does the car.
  3. Get my climate control fixed. I have been meaning to send it off for a good month or two now, but have put it off due to it being a hassle.

Pay off various debts

Luckily I don’t have a mountain of debt, so I really only have to ask my parents what I owe them and pay them back. I could also try to pay off my HECs but I am a bit against that at this point in time since it is pretty much a loan with no repayment date and no interest, just that it adjusts itself to inflation.

Buy some new clothes

I have wanted some new clothes to put in my wardrobe, but I keep thinking that what I have is good enough. I still stand by that, though it wouldn’t hurt for me to dress a little nicer and keep myself looking respectable. I’d like to have clothes for all sorts of occasions but at the moment I don’t have that luxury.

Save up

  1. For possible future trips. Maybe Japan, Europe or even Hong Kong. I’d like to go snowboarding in Japan too!
  2. For a house. Holy shit I am going to need a hundred more tax returns before it becomes a reality now that I think about it.
  3. For my next car. Probably something more economical and more current even though my soarer has a pretty timeless design.
  4. Quality AV equipment is a good investment since that stuff can last for decades.

This post was delayed by random bouts of feeling ill and me playing Tales of Vesperia to forget about the pain.


One Response to “List of nigglies”

  1. Tina said

    I like ur save up list..hehe.
    Its good u put ur travels first b4 a house and car..hehe.

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