Poetry Friday: albeit uninspired

August 14, 2009


it dawned upon me
that only i could see this rain of starlight
that pours from your presence-

people seem to drown in it
and be unaware that they are in the light
when they are with you;
they all come to life,
animated by your heavenly rays.

i never knew why i was the only one
who could see your secret;
my heart flutters when submerged
in your starry glow
and i run short
of breath.

although it is tough to stay so close
to your blinding radiance,
i would rather be blind to the world
than yearn your brightness from afar.

i will keep your secret safe;
(it’s not like they believe me)
even from yourself,
for i feel that you will leave me in the dark
when i reveal to you
this secret of mine.


One Response to “Poetry Friday: albeit uninspired”

  1. Tina said

    Lovely poem.

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