Music stuff + new songs

August 12, 2009

I was talking to a customer the other day about music, since he works in the industry as a sound technician and he was saying how he is needed less and less as time passes by, attributing the lack of business as as result of the move to digital distribution and the decline of live performances. I found it kind of sad that someone who was so passionate about their work would be finding themselves out of a job after so long in the industry. He seemed somewhat reminiscent about the past, how the only affordable way of listening to music when he was young was to go out to live local performances.

I feel a little sad about how people these days take music for granted. Music permeates all environments, walk into a shopping mall and you will hear the soothing (irritating) background music, go to work and somebody will have a radio on, get on the train and somebody is listening to their mp3 player. Do they ever wonder how much time and effort it takes to produce music like that? Or will they go home and just listen to anything which will fill the silence?

I have always found that there is something special in the creation of music; especially how you can arrange instruments together and it will typically net an improved result over the individual items. The insight required to compose music and to make the most out of individual instruments to create a finished piece is something that I can only dream to grasp. From that, of all 5 senses, hearing is something which I feel is the most unique.

People usually associate senses together: taste and smell are physically linked, you touch what you see; but you don’t usually associate taste, smell, touch or see what you actually hear (unless you are synesthetic). This is why I like music so much, because I feel that it is so unique. I regret a little that I didn’t learn any instrument when I was younger because now I have limited time and don’t have the same learning ability as before…

Moving on, I have been listening to 1 song for the past 24 hours playing on repeat and I cannot stop. “Supercell – kimi no shiranai monogatari” is composed by ryo and sung by nagi aka gazelle from niconico fame, her voice is so damn sweet I just love it, and the composition is fabulous, simple with only 4 instruments: drums, electric guitar, bass and piano. The playing of the instruments isn’t fantastic or outstanding but it is just the composition and gazelle’s voice which makes the whole song. Also because it is the theme to Bakemonogatari. I also have “Nico touches the walls – Hologram” which is awesomely rocktastic.

That’s about it for me today, poetry Friday will have a music inspired poem I think, we shall see what my muse brings.


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