Car stuff: it’s expensive

August 10, 2009

On Saturday I was going to pay a deposit for some tyres I was planning on buying, which originally totaled around $800 + fitting. But after some contemplation I decided to go with the original deal he gave me which was about $660 + fitting. Reason being is that I would probably not notice any performance difference between 2 similarly classed tyres and also I couldn’t justify the cost when there is a cheaper alternative which weighed up as equal in my mind. In the end I got kumho ecsta asx fronts in 235/45 R17 and kumho ecsta mx rears in 255/40 R17. The total amount was just under $800 including fitting, balancing and alignment. Considering that I got quotes from several other places which gave me prices upwards of $1k for what I perceive as equivalent tyres from my research, I think I did pretty well.

I remember last time I visited a tyre shop for my corolla there was change from $400 for tyres + the works. It is amazing how much an extra 4-6cm of width on your tyres will inflate the price. But apples and oranges, since those were generic tyres that will pass RWC and my current ones are performance. So far I am impressed with my purchase since I already notice a reduction of road noise and more linear handling but it is early days since I have only driven 150km with them on. Not that I didn’t already know, but I have to say that anything car related is an expensive affair, especially if you are not sure of pricing or the product since people will always try to pull a fast one on you.

My friend bought a car recently, a base model civic which I like to call an upmarket corolla. In reality that’s all the car is. Everything the corolla does the civic does better just a bit, it’s just the more refined car; but does it actually justify the cost increase? Personally I don’t think it does. Sticker price for the corolla I think is around $23k for a base model auto, for the civic around $26k.

If I were after a small practical car for shopping and just being out and about town I would just buy a corolla and spend the $3k difference on optional creature comforts or just save the money. The civic is more costly to maintain also, while corolla parts are cheap and plentiful. The main thing civics are better at is design, simply put it is just a better looking car with a better looking interior than the simple corolla. Maybe I am looking at it from too much of a black and white perspective but that’s the way I see it.

I still have to get new brake discs and suspension bushes which will probably total around $1k including parts and labour. Maybe next payday…


3 Responses to “Car stuff: it’s expensive”

  1. Carmen said

    At least you don’t have a bigger car. The BFs 350z runs 285 rear and 275 fronts.
    And that’s only one of our 4 cars.

    • sto67 said

      my soarer is bigger than the 350z i just don’t need tyres that exceed my car’s handling ability and size of my rims lol
      i sure hope he is running 10-11 inch rims lol otherwise the tyre is out of spec xD

  2. Carmen said

    Of course. haha
    Our other cars [the mx5 and the sw20] are in need of tyres too. T.T

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