Poetry Fri-delay due to armored core

August 8, 2009

I was a bit held up by playing AC:FA. It really is an addictive game, especially since there are legitimate reasons to play the game more than once. I am rushing through most the missions though because I just want to get that 100% completion asap and tackle the hard mode missions which ramp up the difficulty considerably. It is actually holding me up from playing my other games and getting some SF4 practice but it’s just too much fun to ignore!

Here is some old gold because I am too distracted to write anything.

like honey

shes beautiful,
with a heart that’s gold like honey;
as bright as crystals in sunlight.
flowing as gently as silk;
she speaks of honest dreams
and a future filled with hope.

in my mind i see nothing
but her-
everything is for her.
i’m blinded by a honey glaze that
colours my thoughts with an
unspoilable tint.

i’m tainted by her thoughts and words,
attached to ideals
i only wished to dream.
i thirsted for her aspirations,
wanting only to share myself with her-
drawn like a bee to nectar.

it’s something that cannot
be put right into words;
her voice warms my veins and
calms my heart so that
my blood changes viscosity,
loses velocity and flows
like honey.


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