Snow trip – it’s kinda like riding a bike

August 3, 2009

I cannot remember the last time I went snowboarding, all I know is that it was so long ago that I cannot remember exactly when. Amazingly enough, I managed to stay on the snowboard for more than 50% of time spent on the snow despite not taking any lessons and joining my friends on the green and blue courses when I really should’ve stuck to the bunny slope until I learnt to turn toe side. I spent pretty much the first 2 days face and ass planting into the ground being slightly out of my depth but on the second day I decided to do some private practice during night skiing when nobody had any stamina left to ski into the night. By the third and final day I was ready to tackle the top of Kosciusko (which I did)! I learnt to take 2 t-bars up to Australia’s highest lifted point and managed to board all the way back down without killing myself, only falling off the t-bar twice (on the first one…)!

It was probably the most sore I had ever been, my ass was constantly numb from the cold and from falling over so much; my legs were tired from boarding all day; my wrists were killing me from bracing on crash landings. Luckily I bought new gloves with inbuilt wrist guards, otherwise I would have probably snapped something by now, I also bought myself a neck warmer which was pretty good as it could double as a beanie because I don’t mind looking like a dork as long as I stay warm. The gloves are bloody good I have to say, but I suppose you get what you pay for as they retailed for $150. This trip really made me want to buy snow gear for next year, since hire stuff sucks ass, with leaking gloves and boots to snowboards which have loose bindings. Probably won’t buy the board and boots since that stuff is really really dear but the clothing is a great investment.

Food consisted of pasta… a LOT of pasta… somewhere along the lines of 2kg of pasta and 2kg of mince over 2 nights between 4 people. Now that is an epic snowboarding diet full of carbs for energy and protein for muscle replenishment! If you want to visualize how much that is for each person, imagine eating from a fruit bowl full of pasta and you have the right idea. Lunch also consisted of carbs and protein with triple decker egg and ham sandwiches and… scrambled egg and ham sandwiches. Monotonous but it does the job well.

Now to save up for my next snow trip…


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