Poetry Friday: I am at the snow

July 31, 2009

Currently I am at the snow, but what you may or may not know is that I wrote this on Tuesday and scheduled it for Friday. What is the significance of this? Absolutely nothing at all.

A little on the poem. Altair and Vega represent lovers, and Deneb the bridge which allows them to see each other. This poem is my interpretation of the story behind tanabata or qi xi as it originated from china. Enjoy!


even if i am as altair
and you my vega
i will cross the milky way
just to hold your hand.

i will not let mere constellations
dictate when we can meet-
no star system nor galaxy
shall hold me back.

i will break the universe
to hear your voice,
the distance between celestial bodies
is a minor hinderance
on my way to you;

because you know i will be there,
traversing the universe and fighting
black holes
which draw me away from you.

so wait for me on the other side-
you do not need Deneb anymore
for i will learn to fly
and walk on water
if it means we could be together.

My inspiration (how awesome is the animation?):


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