Things I want to do but…

July 27, 2009

Lists are your friend when you have a million thoughts and not enough words to fill the page with.

  1. Booking my car in for a service – ever since I changed departments to do field tech work I have needed to service my car. I am currently about 800km over my scheduled service kms and the next closest time I can take the car in is Saturday week because I need the car every day and I am going away to the snow this weekend.
  2. Until this morning, finalizing my expense claim form for work – I actually had no time at work to do that until today. Filling out forms and writing up paperwork is a major major pain in the ass because it takes so damn long for me to do any of it. I needed signatures from different people and receipts which I left at home and whatnot and it is just a time consuming non-productive task. The only reason I filled them out is because it is to claim back money I spent for the company… and the fact that those expenses almost puts me in negative account balance…
  3. Practicing card tricks – I usually play around with a deck of cards whenever I am watching something so that I get good enough to do it with my eyes closed. Lately I have just stopped doing that and vegged out in front of my computer instead. Not to mention that I am already bad enough with my lack of dexterity and having no knack for performance.
  4. Organizing my finances – I have 3 months worth of bank statements I need to file, as well as doing my tax and paying off several purchases and preparing for several purchases. Firstly, I cannot find my hole punch, secondly, I need to find my tax file number, and finally, I need to get paid and reimbursed this week otherwise I will have to live off whatever is in my pantry until I have my money.
  5. Finalizing parish website – I actually did that today, but I had unfortunately put it off for a while since I wanted to scan some photos. But since my scanner is broken I have also put that off so it is a vicious cycle of inaction.
  6. Send my car climate control in for repair – I have needed to do this for a long time, but the weather has made it a bit dangerous to drive without air con since if my car fogs up I won’t be able to clear it up. I really should send it away while I am at the snow, but I need to contact the guy and rip out my air con first.
  7. Cash my cheque from UNSW – I won a prize for $125 for topping the class in an assignment and the cheque is still just sitting there on my desk waiting to be cashed at the moment. Must do that one Saturday morning.
  8. Burn stuff onto DVD – My computer has only about 20gb left out of 1TB so I am in need of backing up a couple of things onto DVD. I don’t know if i should choose cheap or convenient, backing up onto DVD or to just buy hard drives to store all my shit. 50 DVDs cost $19 and the equivalent HDD costs about $70 with 1TB drives going for as low as $130.
  9. Formatting my laptop and checking if Warcraft 3 works on windows 7 RC – I “upgraded” from beta to windows 7 RC last Saturday but realized on Sunday that it mcfucked Warcraft 3 and directx. So now I need to reformat and reinstall windows properly. I didn’t want to do this because I have configured eclipse and gcc to work off my laptop as well as java. If I ever needed programming tools I could revert to my laptop and it would all be there but if I reformat it will all be gone and I would have to reinstall and download a ton of crap to get it all working again. I also need another gig of ram in my laptop since it runs so damn slow.
  10. Clean up/sell stuff I took out of my car – I have wheels, headlights and various audio bits taken from a ’91 toyota soarer/lexus sc300 which are sitting around doing nothing. I need to sell some of it so my garage and backyard is cleaner than what it is now, that and the fact that my dad has been bugging me about it for a couple of months already…

2 Responses to “Things I want to do but…”

  1. Tina said

    WOW!Stephen, u got alot of things to do..hehe. I hate doing tax..hehe

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