Poetry Friday: yes it is

July 24, 2009

I wish I could write music sometimes.

a song without it’s music

i thought to write a song for you,
oh i’ve tried so hard
but i just don’t have talent for music-

so imagine this instead,
piano chords will strike softly
to the beat of your heart
that i dream to feel;
it begins to fill the void of silence
with the rhythm of your soul.

drums continue the pace,
following the piano’s heartbeat;
as the piano transforms to mirror your delicacy,
they remind me that i am very much alive
to witness you dance through life.

and so you know who you are to me,
this is where i come in
mellow with the bass;
i am a conflicted player
plucking at familiar strings to match your tune-
but somehow you don’t mind and accommodate
for my ineptitude.

you let me know that it’s alright to be myself
through our collaboration.
bold and brazen now i follow suit
introducing the melancholy violin;
mostly known for it’s pensive sound
today i will transform  to reveal
a turn in the tune.

the bass leads with the violin right behind,
whilst you are steady drums and piano chords.
i build upon your melody;
drums mark the rhythm
the bass is background melody,
piano plays unchanging,
pairing well with violin’s vision-

close your eyes and listen
to the way the music strings you right along,
hear the violin’s voice that resounds throughout
your very core;
because you are listening to a love song
without it’s music.


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