Bakemonogatari Obsession

July 22, 2009

I don’t know what to say, besides that I am totally obsessed with Bakemonogatari at the moment. I am totally in love with the art direction, dialogue and the characters, namely Hitagi Senjougahara. She is the most moe character that I have seen in any anime. She breaks the fourth wall in self referencing herself as a moe character and it is just so amusing to watch! The director Shinbo really makes the dialogue and scripting so damn awesome as well, the wordplay and even the way scenes are presented add so much to the series.

Senjougahara is an awesome character, though she is an absolute bitch to Araragi they both seem to enjoy each other’s company. I love the way they play off each other; also how she plays him like a toy which makes this so entertaining to watch. She is a total tease and acts like she is not interested even though she seems to be, but the thing is that Araragi doesn’t bite. Araragi is just too shy to admit anything on his own and Senjougahara does not want to show real interest so I am not sure how this relationship will pan out in the end.

Bakemonogatari episode 3 was 16 minutes of Araragi talking with Senjougahara which was so funny because it was pretty much 16 minutes of beatdown which resulted in her being disappointed by Araragi telling her to buy him some juice. People might say that it is too boring but if they had the patience or appreciation of the dialogue and character building that happened in this episode then they would think otherwise. Even though the episode probably could’ve been a radio show, Shinbo enhanced it with beautifully simple backgrounds and delicious scenes of the verbal fighting(abuse).

I shall leave you with some fanboyism in hopes that you will also pick it up and enjoy!


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