Random cravings

July 20, 2009

Do you ever feel sudden cravings to want to do something? Just a thought comes to mind and you spontaneously want to carry it out? I am not talking about scratching a mental itch that has been bugging you for a while, but suddenly want to go out and fulfill your mind’s desires. I do.

The other day I had a sudden urge to produce my own music; despite the fact I cannot read sheet music nor can I play any musical instruments. I thought of buying/borrowing/acquiring a synthesizer and a pair of quality headphones and learning how to play piano and write music. Where I got that idea from I have no idea. But I felt at that moment that I had the ability to produce my own music and was for those brief minutes a musician. I figured that I could write my own lyrics so the rest would really be up to how much music I could learn and absorb.

However reality kinda sucks in that learning any instrument takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication of which I probably have neither. Also the cost of a keyboard/synthesizer is pretty high, a couple of hundred dollars for a standard one as well as a pair of headphones (now in my wishlist) for $200 which I have wanted for a while… not to mention all the accompanying gear that I may have to buy to cater for this sudden urge.

I also wanted to change the opamps on my sound card too but that involves soldering, of which I am not too keen on. That was my other sudden craving. I read up on how to do it but it involves a very fine tip for my soldering iron and to actually source the opamp. For those who don’t have any idea what I am talking about (most of you), the opamp is what controls the quality of sound on my sound card before being passed through to my speakers. Seeing as though my speakers are actually quite good, the limiting factor of my computer sound system is actually the sound card. The opamp currently used is some cheapo chip which produces better sound than onboard solutions but it is by far inferior to a proper standalone unit. The replacement that I have read about will make the sound be studio quality compared to what is currently being used, or so I have heard.

The other random craving or should I say impulse buy I have made this week was the purchase of ikaruga for xbox live and also 5000 xbox live points for $80. Ikaruga has to be the craziest scrolling shooter I have played, here is a youtube video for proof. This guy is playing both 1p and 2p at the same time.

Anyways that is enough insanity from me, I am going to watch Bakemonogatari.


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