Anime update

July 15, 2009

As I wrote last Monday, I have started following 2 anime, Bakemonogatari and Canaan. After watching 2 episodes, I can tell you that both are worth watching and it seems to me that anime has picked up again this season, hopefully it will only get better!

Canaan is a bit slow to pick up though that is partially due to the fact that it is an animated sequel to the video game 428. There are a lot of things that happen that leaves you wondering what is going on, I think that is because the writers are making the show for those who have played the game and that lets me down a bit, although things are explained in time, they seem more to be an afterthought than a means to explain the conspiracy. I am a bit let down by this but the show makes up for it in terms of animation and cool factor. That and Maaya Sakamoto voices Alphard!!! Now if only she would sing a theme song for it…

Bakemonogatari in my opinion is absolutely fantastic. Animation is crisp and stylish, art direction is very refreshing and new. The series is superbly animated by SHAFT, the same ones who the recent Maria Holic. I found that they drew a lot on the crazy style of Maria Holic and twisted it to suit the mood of this anime. They have a lot of weird angle shots and the pacing could do with some work, but all in all if they manage to pull it together by the end of the next arc I will be a very happy man. Hitagi Senjougahara is also my new animated crush after episode 2 which provided more fanservice than you can shake a stick at…

The ideas that they threw around in the first story arc were very interesting, the play on the words “weight” and “feelings” in the japanese word “omoi” is very novel. The idea of a god crab that takes away a person’s emotional weight is a new one for me and the animation used to represent this was perfect, if not for the accelerated pacing in the last half of the episode. The first half was filled up with glorious fanservice but that is besides the point!

I leave you with a few images taken from the web and hope that they convince you to follow at least Bakemonogatari with me!

oh the prettiness...

oh the prettiness...

I love a girl who knows how to defend herself... with stationery

I love a girl who knows how to defend herself... with stationery


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