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July 6, 2009

Maybe a little update on what I am watching at the moment. This season of anime has been somewhat dismal in terms of AAA titles with the only standouts on paper being the FMA remake. Especially since we are riding on the back of what seemed to be the best seasons ever for anime fans with Gundam00, Soul Eater, Toradora all stealing the limelight, not to mention that Bleach finally catching up to the manga after a disappointing filler arc. However there are other interesting titles which managed to catch my attention though the theme seems to be adapting video games into anime ala Valkyria chronicles and Sengoku basara.

One anime caught my attention surprisingly enough, and that was Hatsukoi limited, a shojo based anime which revolves around a bunch of high school girls and associated dramas. Yes I do like stuff like this occasionally and it is a nice change from typical beat the shit out of everything or defeat the bad guy anime. It isn’t too deep since it is based on the relationship dramas that anime high school girls face but it is genuinely funny at times and the characters are all fairly likeable even though they all follow some sort of cliche. It is only a short series with 12 episodes based on the manga, but it is paced fairly well and that is one of the deal makers for this series; it is short and sweet. That and the fact that it has some decent fanservice lawl.

The whole thing is NOT in b&w

Bleach has as of last week reached its nth filler arc, there has been so many and they are all so shit that I cannot remember how many there have been. Expect a massive drop in animation quality and gratuitous fanservice in place of decent fight scenes and semi-coherent storylines. I cannot believe that they drag out the FILLER fight scenes more than they do the actual story arc! You’d think they would insert enough disposable bad guys to get some decent fighting going on or something but that is never actually the case because they fight the same bad guys multiple times, recycling multiple scenes before finally ending it with the same move that has been displayed a million times. Its just worse than DBZ, at least DBZ progresses somewhat…. slowly.

Sengoku Basara is based off the game of the same name, and it really isn’t too deep at all. Evil overlord tries to take over a warring nation which brings said warring nations together to defeat a common enemy. Add lots of crazy fighting and themes of honour and insane ideas like a horse driven with handlebars plus anti-gravity. I just watch this for the lulz really.

I love riding my motorhorse... lulwut?

I love riding my motorhorse... lulwut?

Do your horses defy gravity like mine?

Do your horses defy gravity like mine?

Valkyria Chronicles is also based on the PS3 game of the same name. However it is not as hilarious as Sengoku Basara and does try to keep a serious tone. It is set in a fictional wartime period between 2 countries and bases itself around the circumstances of a member of the militia Alicia. She gets swept up into a larger scale conflict away from defending her hometown into defending the country as a whole and it mixes with an extinct race of people who are super powerful. Some very surprising voice talent in this series though, the VA for Code Geass’ Lelouch and Suzaku as well as Bleach’s Kyouraku Shunsui all play voice parts for the main characters. It is not a mind blowing anime but it has some depth which this season is otherwise lacking.

Watercolour style mixed with anime... interesting...

Watercolour style mixed with anime... interesting...

FMA is typical FMA. If you watched the first airing, this follows the first half and will continue with the canon storyline as opposed to diverge to a side arc. This second airing is tighter than the first, sticking closely to manga (so I hear) and I really do like the quick pace it goes at. Very interesting themes and has a lot of depth usually not covered in typical anime; political, ethical and otherwise.

Guess whos the fullmetal one? xD

Guess whos the fullmetal one? xD

A new anime called CANAAN just aired last night and I shall be watching that and seeing how it is. It is based on a visual novel game that was given 40/40 from the famous Famitsu magazine so I can only hope that the anime is just as good. Also going to find out if anyone subs Bakemonogatari because I have heard that the animation is quite amazing.

That about sums it up. Nothing from Heroes, Dexter or Smallville so I will just have to wait a bit for those.


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