Smoke and mirrors

June 29, 2009

You know I really really love magic tricks. I even practice card tricks from time to time, although I am pretty horrible at it. I love how they make simple things so amazing, how such basic psychological tricks or sleight of hand can produce an incredible reaction from the audience. Because I have looked up how to do a few magic tricks and the art behind it I know the basics of how tricks can be performed but even though I know how to perform a trick it still amazes me whenever I watch it being done.

I don’t know what it is that intrigues me so much about this, and how even when I know that there is a trick to it that I am still so amused. Perhaps it is because I know how difficult it is to pull off sleight of hand without anybody noticing. Perhaps it is the sense of mystery that surrounds the trick. Or maybe because I am so focused on catching the act that I am taken away from my surroundings. Nonetheless, it is much more entertaining to be a member of the audience and believe that it is truly magic and unexplainable than to debunk the possibilities.

Magic fascinates everybody, children especially are so amazed when you pull a magic trick and they cannot explain what they just saw. It gives them a different view on the world, one which detracts them from a world full of rules and limitations. Even some adults prefer to believe than to question the trick for its secret.

Sometimes there are tricks which cannot seem to be explained. If any of you have seen David Blaine levitating then you know what I am talking about. That is not something that I could explain short of video editing. Or Cyril Takayama heating cup noodles with nothing but his hands. Sceptics will keep saying that it was an elaborate trick where everybody was in on it or there was a trick to it that have yet to be discovered. I’d like to think that there are some things that are better off not explained or believing that it is true magic instead.

Life is just so much more interesting when you believe in the impossible.


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