Poetry Friday: third time unlucky

June 26, 2009

I promised myself that I would write something every week, but unfortunately the quality is somewhat lacking this time. This poem is somewhat inspired by my new celebrity crush Megan Fox. She is currently the hottest person on earth and whoever says otherwise is a blasphemer! Unfortunately she is not much of a muse for creativity as you can see from my poem. I hope you forgive me and next week I will hopefully present something better!


and so i found her
inbetween the ocean waves;
she was like nothing i have ever seen-

raven haired beauty;
her locks floating with the sea,
it lingers upon the waves like
a lover's afterthought,
as i reach my fingers out to save
the maiden beckoning to me.

eyes like diamonds
pierces the murky depths
with a blue that cuts through
poseidon's grasp.
her every breath draws me closer

she is a goddess,
aphrodite lips whisper lusciously,
her hips sway with the waves
to the rhythm of her siren song-

countless sailors can't be wrong
to die upon her bosom,
i'd face death
and like the others,
follow her into elysium.


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