Life isn’t fair: as if you didn’t already know

June 24, 2009

Life isn’t fair. You are born into conditions that you have no control over. If you born into the upper echelons of society you are given the opportunities to go even higher with very little effort on your part. If born into the dredges of low socioeconomic status then you are doomed to work harder than everyone else in order to claw your way up in the world. You are born into the world looking the way you are, those who are pretty will find success knocking at their door. Whereas those born ugly or with some form of disability will find it harder to live up to other people’s standards.

You can work for peanuts in fast food while your manager buys a new bimmer. You can be the most qualified person in your department and work call centre while the boss’s relative who flunked school is your manager. You can have a family to support yet your shifts are cut because they have just hired someone cheaper. You can have a physical disability and people will not give you a chance to prove yourself. Life isn’t fair.

There isn’t much you can do about it either because life isn’t in your control, you play a part in it yes but you never really control exactly what happens to you. You can plan your whole life ahead of you and things will always manage to get in your way or disrupt your planning. You can hope for so many things and yet receive nothing you wanted, maybe even have less than what you started off with.

What I have learnt is that no matter what life throws at you the one thing that is absolutely in your control is your attitude towards those circumstances. This is the “if life throws you lemons” philosophy. Think of you as floating on the ocean indefinitely, if you look up there is endless possibility in the sky. But when you look down, there is infinite darkness lurking below. You can choose to give up and sink further and further into despair or look up and appreciate the beauty of the situation.

There are many things that have messed up where I wanted to be, whether these circumstances are because of what I have done or are a result of forces outside of my control are irrelevant. But you know, I take all those situations and call them opportunities; failures are opportunities to learn, poor budgeting is an opportunity to be thrifty, bad relationships are a chance to make up. If you look at everything being a possible opportunity then more options will open up to you.

So even if you know your attitude won’t change the situation, it will still present you with more opportunities to make the decision you can be proud of.


2 Responses to “Life isn’t fair: as if you didn’t already know”

  1. “An optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. A pessimist worries that the optimist is right.”

    Sounds to me like you need to go out and by The Prince by Machiavelli – to level the playing field job-wise!

    As for life not going to plan, I think I prefer it when it doesn’t. If you plan your whole life out, and it all goes according to plan, that would be a bit…boring? Predictable? I don’t know. Maybe it depends on the person. Not that I’m saying I want a serial killer to come in swinging at me or anything.

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