Poetry Friday II: Because roman numerals are cooler

June 19, 2009

A quick note before we begin. Valkyries are norse angels of the battlefield, they take away the souls of those who have died valiantly in battle to Valhalla. Only those brave and courageous enough are allowed to be taken to Valhalla to become einherjar, warriors preparing to fight with the gods in ragnarok or the end of the world. This is just a short poem i whipped up, but please enjoy whilst I am busy taking apart my car again! I will have some photos of my deconstruction on the Monday hopefully!

Edit: My soldering skills suck massive nuts so I am going to give it a pass. Though I did take the thing apart and get some photos, as well as spend $70 on a bunch of cheapo soldering tools lol


the angel of the battlefield
dances for me.
like an artist she waves and weaves
her way around the warriors,
painting a tapestry with blood and tears
shed for those who they fight for.

the sword in my side does me no favours,
and neither does the axe
that cracked shield and armour alike-
i would tear my very flesh from bone,
if only to be inebriated by einherjar mead.

she comes close now,
circling like a vulture she knows her mark
and i my destiny;
for the touch of a valkyrie
i’d die a thousand deaths to be collected
by the wings of goddesses.


One Response to “Poetry Friday II: Because roman numerals are cooler”

  1. monash rep said

    sto you need a new day job

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