Poetry Friday?

June 12, 2009

I am forcing myself to write every Friday so that I keep my creative writing skills up to scratch. This is also more interesting than coming up with an opinion piece since I am not quite a man of infinite depth/humour/wisdom/stupidity and am already taking the weasle way out in my third week of this blog!

I tried to write about how music is never timeless, that I grow tired of songs and when that happens the artistry would have been spent completely. Even though new songs may take its place there are rarely any which are just as good as the ones I have previously grown fond of. A difficult concept to explain, as sound is the hardest thing to describe for me. I have tried many times to write a poem describing sound or music but the perfect piece always eludes me. I guess practice makes perfect. Enjoy!

this music
the music beckons to me with
her slender fingers,
passing through like a scented breeze
that lingers in the air-

this fair maiden who sings to me
is as beautiful as the cherry tree in bloom
and just as brief;
for like a thief she comes and goes,
stealing the hearts that she desires.

music is an fiery love affair,
a burning brand that dulls the other senses;
leaving me reeling in despair once she leaves-

i cannot stand the pain of knowing
there will never be another just like her;
my tears hide the rain,
and whilst i lay crying in the open
i am glad
that even for those few minutes in the day
her voice was heard.


7 Responses to “Poetry Friday?”

  1. Here’s a tip: take a picture of yourself naked, give it to a trusted friend, and tell them to release it to the world if you don’t update your blog three times a week. Do that, and watch your creativity grow! 😀

    As for the disenfranchisement with music, try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW3Y4OuTPHQ

    Interesting poem too.

  2. Tina said

    Beautiful poem.
    Very creative..hehe.

  3. monash rep said

    can you make one that rhymes next time?

  4. moggie said

    nice poen, thumbs up

    was the “an fiery” intentional?

  5. monash rep said

    oh lol i see the rhyme now
    thats cool

    and maggie frkn lol

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