It’s true, people suck (Pt 2)

June 5, 2009

So now that you have had a glimpse of the people that have made me the way I am today, I shall continue with several more types of people who have impacted my life. Though part one seemed to focus on the negative, I will argue and say that they have all left a positive mark to my personality (though close friends may disagree).

People older than you
These people are your role models, or overbearing wanna-be guardians; they are all around you teaching you useful tidbits of information, demonstrating the effects of their life choices, or tormenting you with their superior everything. Most of the time, older people are good to observe because you can learn from their mistakes as opposed to learning from your own mistakes which is somewhat more costly. What better way is there to know the effects of smoking than to observe your senior who is now suffering from lung cancer? Or learning what happens when you skip one too many loan payments? Although some things are better learned through your own experience, the majority of the time it is better to learn through somebody else’s unfortunate circumstances. Also they can be a tremendous source of inspiration and assistance, so my recommendation is to treat them well and in return they will do the same.

Incompetent people who you are forced to work with
Sometimes you are forced to draw the short straw in team projects and are stuck with that guy or girl who does nothing. These people really suck. They will be delegated a task and ignore it until the last minute when they churn out a piece of work that looks like it was completed by their baby brother… using crayon… presented on a paper napkin from their morning coffee. You will want to blind yourself with said crayons upon viewing their work and deleting their very existence with the coffee ring napkin containing your prospective future. The most frustrating type of people in my opinion are those who seem more an office decoration than a work mate. These people will frustrate the hell out of you because they will do just enough to keep the job or just enough to stay out of trouble. They will not help unless they are no longer the person who cares least about a project or job, upon which they will act like they are doing you a favour. But you learn from these people, and eventually can even benefit from them so they aren’t too bad.

People who you can unexpectedly rely on
People are fallible, you will fall and make mistakes but it is because people are fallible you cannot always rely on those around you. I have found that you can sometimes rely on people who you are not close with for any type of support. These people are angels in your time of darkness and offer comfort, advice and even financial aid at times. It is because they see that you are at your wit’s end that they understand your desperation and choose to help, but even so it takes a special person to reach out their hand and lift you up. These people tend to become your best friends once you realize what they are willing to put up with (emotional breakdowns, breakups, financial crisis) and it is because they are so tolerant of you that you cannot live without them once they are discovered.

This concludes my two part written diatribe on people who have moulded my existence, stay tuned to hear the backlash I shall shortly be receiving!


2 Responses to “It’s true, people suck (Pt 2)”

  1. kaefka said

    This is too general! We want dirt and we want names!!!!

  2. mOgs said

    yeah! names! gossip! scandals! we want more.

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