It’s true, people suck (Pt 1)

June 4, 2009

Throughout my life I have been rather blessed(cursed in some ways) to meet a wide variety of people; interesting people, hilarious people, people I love, people who are strange but you still tolerate etcetera etcetera. There are a few who I would like to thank and hate on for being a part of my life and also those who I feel have been a major part of my life in one form or another. So allow be to begin…

The mortal enemy
In everybody’s life, there exists one person who you have hated; it doesn’t matter how that came to be, all that matters is that if you had the chance you would piss in their morning pot of coffee without a second thought. These people teach you that not all people are agreeable and that you will have to be very patient or devious to deal with them. Fortunately I am a pretty easygoing guy so I have not met too many people that I completely disagree with. Most of the time I try to avoid these people as much as possible or just pretend they don’t exist. Denial is a wonderful thing isn’t it?

People you think you can’t live without (but can)
Sometimes you get attached to friends around you and you learn to depend on them, sometimes a bit too much. This could be school friends, work buddies or even crushes. You rely on them for emotional support, to kill time and everything short of feeding yourself. But one day they suddenly disappear on you or you fall out and you are left hanging onto nothing but their chat logs on your favourite chat program. Wait a minute… what do I do with all this free time now when I am not interacting with this person? There are two things you can possibly learn when something disappears from your life; how much you miss it, and how big of an effect they had on your life. What I have found is that after a certain point, you realize that there is nothing good to be had from dwelling on the past and that you have to fill your time with something or someone else now. Otherwise nothing you do in the future will measure up to what you went through in the past.

People younger than you
When you are growing up, everybody seems to be older than you, all smart and big and rich. Next thing you know, you are just like those people looking down at smaller versions of yourself and people you know… almost. Being an active youth in my parish, I have been involved in leading many young(er) people throughout their spiritual journeys and have also undertaken my own spiritual journey as I have grown less young (or older if you prefer). But those freaking kids are so frustrating sometimes! The older youth such as myself have been “apprenticing” the younger ones to take up our roles when we quit, and they are very capable of leading… unfortunately they are horrible at being led! They demand attention from their peers when they don’t give attention to the more senior leaders and this is why the respect has gone from the role and it has become harder and harder to lead them recently. It is not because of the content of the sessions either, because we allow the youth to pick what topics they want the leaders to present. They are also aware that they are difficult to lead but do nothing to help us out! If you know something you should act on that knowledge, it doesn’t do anybody any good if they ignore genuine feedback which they admit to being useful. Doesn’t everybody go through that stage of their lives? Probably. But I’ll be damned if I ever remember being such a pain in the ass when I was younger.

This concludes part one of my look back on the types of people I have met. I do apologize for my late post because I bought a x360 during my lunch break today and have been playing it ever since I got home lol.
Stay tuned for part 2 to be continued on Friday!


5 Responses to “It’s true, people suck (Pt 1)”

  1. kja said

    i like this post =)

    and yer its true, people suck

  2. Realismo said

    Didn’t realise you were so emo
    Relax, you’ll live longer…!

    as if steal my place in the group… XD

  3. I’ve had a mortal enemy, two in fact. One I didn’t even bother with, I just had an instant disliking of them. The other I had to work with for awhile, but now everything is all happy again. Huzzah!

    I’m interested to know if there’s *anyone* you can’t live without, though. A spouse, perhaps? Or does that apply under the same rules you gave?

    • sto67 said

      family i couldn’t live without, and a select friend or two =]
      i wouldn’t be able to let go if you know what i mean, because some peoples impact on you is too great that nobody else can fill that void they leave.

  4. kaefka said

    You can’t live without anyone and on the contrary you can live without anybody. Because you learn to do so and because nobody is as important as yourself.

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