If you didn’t believe me

May 24, 2009

For those of you who may have done my facebook quiz, if you don’t believe that I like writing poetry more than working on my car, let me explain a few things. Getting work done yourself on the car is a long and painful process which involves much blood sweat tears and handy friends to help you out. I quite physically bleed every time I do any major work on the car, for example wiring, installing headlights or speakers. To say that anybody actually enjoys that sort of thing is just silly, what I DO enjoy however is the reward of saving several hundred dollars worth of installation costs and the final product working well.

Writing poetry however is a more cathartic task which lets me say what I want to say in a creative manner. I say cathartic because it relieves a lot of tension because I can focus my energies on things I find beautiful and that relaxes me. I don’t write often but when I do it feels good and I want to perfect it as opposed to just having it work. I don’t want people to only READ what I write but also to UNDERSTAND and empathise or emote with what I try to say. As proof, here is something I wrote a while back and I hope you believe me now!

Mountain Flower

you are the mountain flower that
i couldn’t reach,
the persistent growth that flourished
upon that sheer cliff face-
you grew so beautifully in adversity
whilst i failed to be anything
but an admirer.

your surroundings are barren,
yet even so you would still stand out
amongst the flowers of the hanging garden-
as i am, i am only worthy of imagining
the gardens of kings, let alone claim
its most prized flower.

your life is a mystery to me,
shallow roots seem so fragile
yet they tether you to the precipice
of infinity;
your existence defies gravity,
reaching to the horizon like
a soul to heaven.

i am afraid to do more than observe
and take in your scent;
your strength frightens me and
seems to grow in the face of my jealousy-
oh i am so afraid,
because i am, if not much more
fragile than you.


One Response to “If you didn’t believe me”

  1. mOgs said

    hey i made it to your blog!
    i see, so you do like poetry more than your car. i shall take note for the next stoho quiz.

    nice work 🙂

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